Xpedia 90RX Parallel

Xpedia 90RX Parallel

Unsurpassed Value and Versatility in a Parallel!

Now there's a high-efficiency parallel stall system specifically designed for the medium sized dairy.

Xpedia 90RX™

The Xpedia Reel Exit System is superior to conventional systems because it gently ushers cows from the stalls and allows stall reloading to begin faster.
• Most importantly, the exit reel addresses the cow at the brisket instead of the shoulder because many times shoulder contact can be uncomfortable for the cow. The cow can remain relaxed during the entire milking cycle.

How it works:
• At the completion of milking, the exit reel begins its first 90° rotation allowing the cows to begin to move out of their stalls. At 90°, the reel slows giving the cows free access to the exit lane.
• During the final 90° rotation the reel gently ushers any lingering cows out of the stalls.
• The entrance gate can then be opened, and the reload process can begin.
• Use manual controls or choose a one-touch system.