Advantage TS™

Advantage TS™

Automatic Tie-Stall Detacher with Milk Yield Indicator that provides a real-time, digital read-out of milk flow, milk weight, temperature and milk warnings.

Advantage provides a visual lactation graph at each unit. The graph illustrates flow rates for each cow and helps milking crew see how proper cow prep procedures relate to optimal milk let-down.

Standard components and features:
LCD screen may be set to a graphic view, normal view and more per the dairy operator’s preference.
Features displayed include:
Milk weight
Milk temperature
Wash temperature
Conductivity alerts
Attach time
Milk flow at 30, 60 and 120 seconds
Milk flow delayed or interrupted
And more
LED lights display proper detach, cluster kick off, low flow and more
Built in memory stores 40 milkings per unit with an ability to scroll through each milking
Optional manual milk mode
Available with HandyGrip™ option, provides an easy attach to vacuum and power
Programmable detach setting
Over 45 programmable parameters to customize to any tie-stall dairy
Access unit total attach time from the programming menu
Pulsation is customizable per unit, allowing each dairy operator to set pulsation rate and ratio so proper milk-out is achieved.

Operates using legendary BouMatic pulsation with controls at the Advantage unit.

Fully programmable with over 45 flexible options to customize to your milking style.

Lightweight unit (less than 11 lbs.) with HandyGrip™ for easy movement from cow to cow and efficient attachment to power and vacuum in one step.

Easy-to-read graph with color alerts for quick visual indication of milking status
Green – normal detach
Red – milk flow delayed or interrupted

LED lights indicate alerts for conductivity and when cluster is kicked off

Multiple language options