StepMetrix™ Lameness Detection System

An industry breakthrough that identifies lameness in your dairy cattle before you can see it, and before it steals your profits.

Early detection and treatment reduces:
• Treatment costs
• Milk loss
• Extra days open
• Culls due to lameness

A Multi-Functional Problem

Lameness involves: Dairy facility design; dairy facility hygiene; proper nutrition; and proper foot care management. Certainly all of these areas must be monitored and managed closely to keep lameness under control.

Until Now, No Accurate Detection Method

Even though lameness is so damaging and costly, the only diagnostic tool available, up until now, has been human observation. And human observation is time-consuming, requires special training, is so subjective and is often inaccurate. Plus, by the time lameness can be seen visually, the problem may have already existed for up to two months affecting milk yield, reproduction performance and profitability.

Early, Accurate, Constant

Never before has there been such a powerful, real-time diagnostic tool that can put dairy lameness management at your fingertips early before losses escalate. Seven days a week, 365 days a year StepMetrix automatically identifies and monitors the soundness or lameness of every cow in your heard—typically detecting problems before visual symptoms become apparent. StepMetrix is also many times more accurate than human observation could ever hope to be

Three Main Components

StepMetrix consists of these components:

Step Sensor Platform. Permanently installed in parlor return lanes.
SMX Score Controller. Analyzes cows’ steps, generating and transmitting SMX scores to your PC.
StepMetrix Management Software. Installed on your PC. Allows you to analyze SMX scores and generate reports.