StepGuardian™ Hoof Care Management

Finally, a durable, fully automated hoofbath that saves time and money.
To maintain hoofbath efficiency, research shows that solutions should be changed after 200 to 300 cows have walked through them. On many dairy operations, this means changing solutions at the most inconvenient time—in the middle of the milking cycle. Correct measurement of chemicals and worker safety are important additional challenges to maintaining effective hoofbaths.
A Dynamic, Automated System
StepGuardian is a fully automatic, computer-controlled system that eliminates time spent cleaning, filling, refilling and emptying the hoofbath. It reduces chemical waste by having a precise metering system to dispense the chemicals into the mixing chamber and it can be controlled at the station or remotely from your office using the included PC software.
A Safe, Tough System
StepGuardian creates a safer workplace. Workers handle chemicals far less than with manual systems. The location of the mixing chamber in the utility room allows for better mixing of the chemicals. Also, by not injecting chemicals in-line you will prevent backflow problems, which could damage valve systems and endanger your water supply.
The Right System for You
StepGuardian hoofbaths are an important part of BouMatic’s complete hoof health program. Together with StepRight™ natural virgin rubber flooring and StepSept™ hoof bath solutions, StepGuardian helps you attain unsurpassed hoof health, and increased milk production. That translates to a stronger bottom line for your dairy operation.