GlacierChill™ Modular Brazed Plate Chiller

BouMatic® introduces to the U.S. dairy industry its GlacierChill™ modular chiller, making it the newest addition to a long line of legendary cooling and chiller products offered by the company.

“Milk cooling methods have evolved over the generations,” said Dennie Plomedahl, BouMatic Brand Manager. “From cooling milk cans to bulk cooling tanks to falling film chillers, BouMatic has led the industry and we continue in that tradition with the GlacierChill modular chiller, the latest in dairy chilling technology,” he added.

“The GlacierChill modular chiller is all BouMatic from the ground up,” Plomedahl said. “The unit was designed and is manufactured in Madison, Wisconsin by Engineers who understand what it takes to chill milk efficiently and consistently. The GlacierChill is built from the highest quality components including compressors with digital modulation, highly efficient brazed plate heat exchangers, a digital control platform and heavy gauge frame and sheet metal components,” Plomedahl added.